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Sick bondage pictures (Nothing to see here)

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On another site someone went to the trouble of posting a little public message on my profile. I found it interesting for a couple of reasons. They must have really trawled to find my stuff. The site in question has adult content warnings that you have to deliberately turn off to see adult images. Given the layout of the site they must have seen 4 of my pictures before entering my gallery then had to look through another 20 pictures before reaching the point that they felt they had to comment and presumably then stop perving. Ugh, you and all the people on (site name removed)  who take pictures like this are such CREEPS!!! ughhh.... And here's my reply to them. Hey, nice of you to give some feedback. If you look at most of the pictures in my profile you'll realise that the girl pictured here is in fact the photographer for the greater number of the pictures. What I'm saying is that we're partners and do what we enjoy as consenting adults together. That's our consent, not yours, your opinion, consent, thought or lack of is irrelevant. Also you might want to consider that you made an effort to come and find these pictures (how creepy is that?), no one made you look. So if this is truly distressing to you I'd suggest that you don't look. Unless of course you were looking for something to be outraged about? In which case happy to have helped. This btw . is the terrible picture that inspired them.I just found it funny really though it does make me wonder what it's like in some people's heads.

Shibaricon (Chicago 2011)

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2011 was our first time at Shibaricon so we weren't 100% sure what to expect. At one point it was touch and go if we'd even get to Chicago as Iceland's volcano had erupted and volcanic ash was in the air progressively closing airports in the UK and mainland Europe further and further south. We were listening to the news with interest as we drove south toward London, Heathrow and our flight. We stayed over the night in London with our friend Jon Murakawa who's surprising and delightful wooden house is an old and hidden treasure of London, in fact Murakawa san is one of London's lesser known treasures himself. We were sorry not to have more time with him. Heathrow was still open for international flights as we drove toward the airport. Once in the air we thought that our travel worries were over. We'd beaten the ash and airport closures out, all plain sailing right? Well plain flying anyway. Unfortunately not, we were to have another moment of worry as the pilot announced that  due to bad weather we might be diverted... happily however we weren't but were instead treated to a typically bumpy descent into O'Hare. We were quite excited to get to Chicago and the hotel. We'd come a couple of days early so we could have a day just looking round down town Chicago. Unfortunately the weather was foul and it rained a very rainy rain pretty much continuously. So on to Shibaricon itself... One of the things that I was most looking forward to was meeting people that we'd only ever spoken too on-line before. I'll say this, some of the guys we met were entitled to have egos if anyone was. They [...]


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Just a collection of random comments from the old site, such as was recoverable. Mastery Some things take only hours to learn but a lifetime to master. 22/09/2011 A mystery It's not a mystery why one person is good at rope, it's a mystery why so many are bad at it. 31/08/2011 About rope. Rope is not about rope. 08/08/2011 I don't do rope. I don't do rope. I do people, but I do them with rope. 10/06/2011 Unanswered questions It’s only the unanswered questions that remain fascinating.Of course they are the infuriating ones too. But the pursuit of the answer is what drives us on.The people that you care about always seem to provide more questions than answers. I used to have a very great desire to be a musician. Though I practised and became competent, I could read music, play reasonably, I never had the talent that would lift me above the mediocre. Now I see many that have a great desire to be good at rope bondage. I have great sympathy for those that try so hard, and like myself with music many simply don't have the talent for rope bondage, and no amount of trying will lift them further.I think one of the greatest shames of life is that a person may never discover their true talent. 22/02/2011 A moment of wonderful helpless suffering, the beauty of it grips my heart like her hand, holding so tight, pleading not to be let go. 21/02/2011 Sometimes it's more about becoming than being. 21/02/2011 I fear I am an unashamed addicted sensualist, Addicted not only to sensation but to being the cause of sensation in others. 21/02/2011 [...]

London festival Japanese bondage. Shibari by Hajime Kinoko (London 2010)

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It was also our first encounter with Hajime Kinoko but not our last. His stage show really showed people what could be accomplished on stage and I think that his performance was a wake up call for many riggers who thought that they were pretty good already.

London festival of Japanese bondage – performance (London 2011)

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It seems so long ago now that this shibari show took place. We've come a long way and if we didn't have a video I wouldn't be able to tell you what happened in the show. Our style and everything has changed since this but here it is warts and all.