What is this shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage stuff all about?

  • Model Clover, Photo Fredrx, Rope Wykd Dave (wykd.com) Shibari Kinbaku Bondage Session 066
  • Kinbaku / Shibari Show In Paris France 2015 With Wykd Dave And Clover Brook
  • Kinbaku Rope Bondage Suspension Show In Paris 2013

What am I about?

I don't do rope I do people...

I wanted to create ties that honoured the style of the greats of bondage, Nureki Chimuo  and Naka Akira who’s aesthetics I admire so much but to also have the technical and structural integrity brought to bondage by the great Akechi Denki. Having achieved these aims within my own style and aesthetic I am happy to teach my complete method.

For a long time I wanted to create a tying style which fulfilled my desires for bondage that was beautiful and secure without sacrificing flow and structure. In my method I use a combination of principles and practices through which I achieve that goal.

This site is about shibari / kinbaku bondage. It’s not the bondage of the tabloid press and sensationalist headlines that forget the human beings beneath the surface of the paper selling stories.

This is about the bondage called shibari or kinbaku that comes from the humanity of those that participate in this fascinating practice. This is shibari done with love and care. This is kinbaku that is done because it is beautiful, because it is an expression of love.

This is about the kind of shibari that I find beautiful and heartbreaking, the kind of kinbaku that I find most emotional.

This is a world of intense emotion and sensation.

An expression I find particularly useful in describing this is ‘beautiful suffering’. It is where sensation is taken to the limits of what is possible, where emotion is experienced to its utmost. It is where we are alive as completely as we can be while being as together as we can.

It is also about the shibari art I love.

In the living experience of these moments in rope it is our utopia.

WykD Method shibari / kinbaku / bondage has arise from my desire to create a personal style which honoured the aesthetic of the kinbaku of Nureki Chimuo and Naka Akira while incorporating the strength and technical excellence of Akechi Denki. In doing so I created set of principles and practices which inform permeate my style. This style concentrates on technique in the service of expression and emotional interaction in bondage.

...but I do them with rope.

WykD Method takes inspiration from the aesthetics of Great bakushi and great photography, particularly that of Sugiura Norio, to create a unique style of bondage which has on foot in the traditional world of seme and the other in the modern world of technical improvement and safety.

Dave Rickman
(WykD Dave)

Studio Kokoro

Kokoro (Japanese: 心) and means ‘heart’, ‘mind’, ’emotion’, ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, we feel is a good sentiment for our studio. Studio Kokoro is something of a dream for us but one we’re now making reality.

Like everything in our life this is a partnership and a shared dream to which we bring complimentary skills and ambitions.

We want very much to create a unique space with its own personality capable of hosting a variety of events and activities. We hope it will develop along with its use and the people who become part of its life.

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