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Iongantas first shibari bondage shoot
OK it’s time to revamp here. A new WykD.com with all the good content and more coming soon.

It’s been a very busy and productive time recently so I’m going to be finally getting round to doing this… finally being the operative word.

Dave Rickman (WykD Dave)

If you’d like to hire me for your own project please mail me directly or use the sites contact form.

What’s it all about?

Welcome to WykD.com Shibari, Kinbaku, Rope Bondage. However you call it. This isn’t a pornographic site but there are images of rope bondage in the Japanese style (kinbaku/shibari) and of nudity. If you’re offended by the human body or by bondage please, please don’t read on. This site exists for the bondage we love. We hope that you enjoy it too. All the bondage tutorials, galleries of shibari bondage images and videos here are free to access and to use. (But not to copy!) Thank you for your visit. Dave. Personally…

Sometimes you have to step back, look at your life and think…

I’m so lucky! I’ve had some pretty bad downs where it was hard to imagine coming back up again.

All I can say is how amazed I am, by new friends, by fortune, by those I love and by those that love me, by life, love and adventures in kink!

For every new friend and new experience, for new little thing I manage to learn and every new place I go. You cannot know what it means to me.

Life is so wonderful and precious and fills me with such joy. I love you all that are a part of it.

I do bondage for Images, Video, personal pleasure, Film, TV and art projects. If you’re looking for rope bondage for your project please feel free to get in touch. For more examples of my work visit my site on RopeTopia.com.

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