We had a great time at KinkFest 2018. This was our second KinkFest and definitely the best. I’d like to thank -Amaranta-DemonBanana, ShadowofChaos & HybridDecon for inviting us and for their great hospitality during the event. It was great being with you guys and getting to know you more.


We arrived at the Premiere Inn in West Bromwich a bit late on the Friday night, sadly it was a bit late to go to the munch so we decided to get some rest. On the way into the hotel we did encounter a few kinky folks of the smoking persuasion as we entered the hotel and helpfully swiped us in as the doors were locked for the evening.

We were fortunately able to park at the front of the hotel which made it very convenient. Also the staff had a refreshingly relaxed attitude to parking at the hotel. When I said that we may not be in an official parking bay they replied, “If you can fit it in it’s ok.”. I was happy to go with that.

Once in the room and once we’d gotten the thing heated up (OMG it was soooo cold in there when we arrived) we got showers and a nice early night in anticipation of the first day of KinkFest in the morning.


After breakfast* we headed to the event. Lots of kinky people breakfasting in the Premiere Inn that morning**

The first class we attended was Will Hunt’s interrogation class. This is real fun and I enjoyed it tremendously. So in a different way did the bottoms for this class. There was crying, drooling, snotting, jumping, begging and all kinds of good things. I have to say I learned all kinds of interesting things in that class.

Our first class was the “TK Style Breakdown” (Takatekote) breakdown where we examined several TKs their relative merits and strengths and the importance of the attributes within their respective styles. I really think this class went well for people of all levels and we really appreciate the amazing feedback we were given on this class over the two days. It really means a lot to us.

The rest of Saturday was characterised by catching up with old friends and making new ones. I really have to stress what a good atmosphere this event has and how friendly everyone there was.

Saturday Night

Saturday night was the play party and again there was a really good feeling in the club. We saw some really good scenes, some good rope and one friend, and I feel no shame in embarrassing her by using her name, OneBlondeMoment, really getting beautifully destroyed in a super hot scene. Clover saw more of it than I did and filled me in on the details of how hot it was and also that it was very hot!

Rope Rascal had kindly left his ring up for suspension and we made use of this to have a scene ourselves. I put clover under some good pressure and we had a thoroughly good time though it wasn’t the most stressful rope we did in the weekend. That was to come on Sunday!

Finally it was time to say goodnight and get some rest ready for KinkFest day two.


We started Sunday with breakfast snacks from Flirts which the organisers had laid on for the conference. The first class we attended was the terror class from Will Hunt, this was an interesting class with a lot of interesting information. I don’t know if this form of play is for me but I’d recommend the class on the basis of the good information and relevant warnings it gives.

Lunch was from Costa which is an unfortunate walk away in the rain. We really need to work out healthy food options for events.

Next up we had our “Lacings for beautiful tight bindings” class. It was a real delight to see people getting to grips with this and having some fun in the class. I’ve already seen images from people who’ve been practising the input from this class at home which is incredibly gratifying to see! Thanks to everyone who came, it really was a pleasure to share another part of our passion with you.

I think we got so into talking to people and watching the torture rope class that the time just flew by to the end of the event. All too soon the time had come to say goodbye and head home.

A friend of ours Kamanth had recommended a steak place to eat and we dropped off for 12oz fillet steaks on the way home. A good end to the day and we were well fed and very tired when we got home.

That was our KinkFest, it was a good one. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did. If you weren’t there it’s an event you should checkout.


* Do not get breakfast at the Premiere Inn. It sucks, the food was bad, the service was bad, the eggs were cooked to rubber and everything took FOREVER to happen. p.s. the Coffee was bad!

** Poor Souls