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Metrics are measures of things, for instance a scholarly article might have metrics derived from how many times it's referenced. The trouble is it may be referenced as an anti-example, for instance an example of how an article can be shitty, illogical, and basically worthless. It still got quoted do does being quoted equate to excellence? Obviously not. So what about the number of people who positively like something? Well imagine someone with no friends who posts the greatest picture ever taken? How many likes do you expect it to get? The person has not one friend to re-post, like, or get the image into a popular stream. So is the greatest image of all time now obviously crap due to the lack of public adulation? Obviously not so. Imagine another person who takes say a shower selfie. Not obviously the greatest image ever taken but this person has nearly a million followers! So it gets in a lot of streams, gets a lot of love, gets a lot of knock on love. One image has no loves, one has millions. Which one is the best image? The one seen the most? The one loved the most? Or have metrics nothing to do with quality? I would maintain that it's the latter. Try to do good work, forget if people like it. Who liked it anyway? People you don't know or people who know what they're looking at? Did they like it because 'hot' or because great composition and artistic sensibility? Did the love it because "that's so beautiful and evocative of emotional surrender" or because "I could rub one out to that"? Which one is valuable to you, which do you think matters? Personally [...]

WykD and Wild, or is it Wild and WykD in Turin 2018

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What's WykD & Wild? This last weekend we had the great pleasure to teach in Turin, Italy with our very good friends Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath. The title of the workshop either... WykD & Wild or Wild and WykD. Two days in a beautiful studio in Turin where we taught and performed. There were three shows on the Saturday night (right), and two days where we looked at our styles of bondage, their similarities and differences. There were more of both than I think we guessed. Day 1 On the first day we concentrated on technique. This wasn't an exposition of all our techniques but key points of our philosophy in technique and our approaches as riggers and teachers. We discussed a lot of the why of our teaching and methods and the reasons for the things we focus on. This was a really interesting day for us and the students with lots of practical exercises which I think it's fair to say gave some challenges to the students. It's really positive to see a student willing to be challenged and to take on a that challenge to improve. We saw some real improvement and understanding during the day which is always good to see. And no, I'm not going to tell you the exercises. That stays in the workshops. If you want to know what we teach then you can book us or Riccardo for a lesson or workshop (links at the bottom). ;) The day finished with the performances, more about them to the right. Day 2 This day began with the students impressions of our performances the previous night and their thoughts on the contrasts and [...]

Studio announcement!

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Our new studio! More information on the studio its name and progress will be published soon. But for now (and before we burst) here's the headline. We're creating a permanent atelier and studio! The studio is located approximately 30 minutes travel from central Nottingham on public transport and has accommodation and restaurants and coffee nearby. It's only a few minutes from both train and bus stations but has lots of parking so you can drive directly to the venue. We're looking forward to hosting some amazing one off events in the space along with regular tying, educational nights and weekends (as well as some other very exciting but at the moment secret events). We are really excited to be doing this and we hope we see you all there! D & C


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I’ve been hurt for some time now. I have a spinal injury which has resulted in an acute case of sciatica. This has restricted what I can do in my life a lot. I haven’t been perusing my usual hobbies I’ve been unable to walk far, to sit for long, to lay down comfortably or sleep properly for about 6 months now. I am terribly, terribly tired! Depressing shit right? Also it’s seriously affecting my ability to concentrate. I was stuck at home for an extended period going quietly crazy as I couldn’t even sit and write due to both the discomfort and the inability to concentrate and I felt like weeks of my life were being flushed away where I had the time on my hands where in other circumstances I would have done so much. To give you an illustration, I couldn't even reach my own feet let alone tie my shoes. I couldn't even put my socks on. In the middle of this I’ve (and a fuck load of pain killers) have been to Dallas and Phoenix. The best I can say is that I’ve been equally uncomfortable everywhere during this time. Work are, on a different tack meant to be getting me a special chair but as that’s not happened despite the assessment being done weeks ago I’m currently having to work sitting on a £10 IKEA folding chair I brought in from home as it’s the most comfortable thing in the office. This should tell you something about both the state of my back and the state of the usual office chairs where I work. As I write this an MRI is finally being booked to find the root cause [...]

WykD Dave said you should never…

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One of the most frustrating things in talking to people is when you say one thing and people hear another. It's like they're expecting a certain answer from you and then they're going to hear what they want no matter how much care you put into the answer. Once at a party I was asked about tying up and suspending a certain woman and what I thought might be things to consider. There were certain physical realities that came with this woman that needed to be taken into consideration for suspending her.

Music Art and Shibari. What makes something art ultimately?

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I think it's obvious not everyone can take that simple action and refine and command it to the point that they can paint a Vermeer, a Picasso, a Van Gogh. There's more to it than that. And there's more to Shibari than memorising patterns. What makes something art ultimately? Maybe one kind is where the artist takes the simplest technique and creates something beautiful with it.

Shibari bondage intensive and The Aesthetics of Emotion at Anatomie Studio in London 2018

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Thanks to Anatomie studio for having us. Thanks to everyone who came to these three days of rope education in London. We loved being with you and look forward to coming again.

Bondage Expo Dallas 2018

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We’ve been involved with BED right from the very beginning and have been a part of it every year since. We count the BED organisers as friends and their hospitality has lead to us having the feeling of coming home when we head to BED. I know I say that every year but we feel that every year. If there’s one thing I’d change I’d like to have more time to hang out after the event than we had this year. Sadly vacation time is limited and we had to leave the day after the event. Much tears and sad goodbyes.

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