We travel a lot, to teach bondage, for shibari / kinbaku performances and also to study. Sometimes we even travel just for fun. Here are some of our experiences.

WykD and Wild, or is it Wild and WykD in Turin 2018

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What's WykD & Wild? This last weekend we had the great pleasure to teach in Turin, Italy with our very good friends Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath. The title of the workshop either... WykD & Wild or Wild and WykD. Two days in a beautiful studio in Turin where we taught and performed. There were three shows on the Saturday night (right), and two days where we looked at our styles of bondage, their similarities and differences. There were more of both than I think we guessed. Day 1 On the first day we concentrated on technique. This wasn't an exposition of all our techniques but key points of our philosophy in technique and our approaches as riggers and teachers. We discussed a lot of the why of our teaching and methods and the reasons for the things we focus on. This was a really interesting day for us and the students with lots of practical exercises which I think it's fair to say gave some challenges to the students. It's really positive to see a student willing to be challenged and to take on a that challenge to improve. We saw some real improvement and understanding during the day which is always good to see. And no, I'm not going to tell you the exercises. That stays in the workshops. If you want to know what we teach then you can book us or Riccardo for a lesson or workshop (links at the bottom). ;) The day finished with the performances, more about them to the right. Day 2 This day began with the students impressions of our performances the previous night and their thoughts on the contrasts and [...]

Tokyo and Kyoto 2018

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It was wonderful to be back in Tokyo again. We’ve been to Japan a few times and really enjoy it. We were excited but relaxed as we made our way from Narita airport to our accommodation. We like using AirBnB rather than hotels so we can have a private space where we can leave our stuff and relax. Also we buy our own food and eat out a lot more allowing us to experience more of Japan.

Tokyo Shibari Osada Steve, Otonawa, Kinoko & Naka Akira, Iroha Shizuki, Shigonawa Bingo, Yoi Yoshida March 2016

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Tokyo Japan in March 2016. The weather find, the cherry blossoms beginning to bloom. My memory of these events is at one and the same time vivid but probably incomplete due to the time elapsed since the trip and the killer jet lag that plagued me on the trip. If one thing all our travelling has taught me it's new strategies for dealing with jet lag and the importance of scheduling to account for it. I can't even begin to say how excited we were for this trip. We were going to see Yukimura Sensei and learn his style of kinbaku a little more. It was therefore with great sadness we learned of his passing the week before we were due to arrive. Yukimura Haruki is irreplaceable. So we didn't even think of getting time with an alternative teacher. Fortunately for us Osada Steve who's been a student of Yukimura Haruki for many years offered to teach Yukimura Ryu in the time we had booked with Yukimura Sensei himself. In spite of the obvious sadness this caused we had a remarkable trip. As we left from our home in the UK we had mixed feelings about this trip. We had been looking forward to going for a long time. We were going to have a good time and yet it was overlayed with sadness that lent a melancholic feeling to the trip. It was going to be great, but we would miss seeing Yukimura Haruki, he was a tremendous old gentleman when he wasn't tying and we were looking forward to seeing him. It was not pleasant to know that we would in fact never see him again. The flight to Tokyo was a mixed one. [...]

Shibari in Brno, the Czech Republic February 2016

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Well we had a wonderful time in the Czech Republic again. This time in the city of Brno. Two days of teaching rope bondage and a shibari performance night. We had a great venue in a martial arts club on the outskirts of the city where the spacious wood floored rooms provided an excellent working and performance space. Instead of a two day intensive there was a series of subject focused sessions. Thanks to everyone who came to these sessions. We had a great time teaching and I hope that we made a positive contribution to rope in Brno.

Rope workshops teaching Shibari bondage in Washington 2012

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Hard on the heels of Shibaricon it was quite something to be doing two days teaching. I really hope that people got something from the classes. I really want the classes that I do to change people's bondage for the better. If I gave you guys something useful then I'm good with that. I love that feeling when people in the room are really starting to get things together and clicking with the point of the class. Especially those classes where the main focus is on connection.

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