One of the most frustrating things in talking to people is when you say one thing and people hear another. It’s like they’re expecting a certain answer from you and then they’re going to hear what they want no matter how much care you put into the answer.

Once at a party I was asked about tying up and suspending a certain woman and what I thought might be things to consider. There were certain physical realities that came with this woman that needed to be taken into consideration for suspending her.

So in my answer I said, yes you can but! You must take into consideration X, Y and Z because they could cause A, B and C etc. I’m not saying you can’t suspend someone of that physical reality, you can suspend just about anyone if you really want to. You do however, just like any suspension, have to be aware of all the relevant factors involved. I invested a fair bit of time and care in making sure I gave lots of relevant information.

I honestly think I gave a fair, balanced and helpful answer.

Imagine my surprise to hear later that same night he was telling people “WykD Dave said you should never suspend…

I was pretty shocked by this as it was so at variance with what I’d actually said and that my full answer had been boiled down into the antithesis of my actual meaning. Also kind of frustrating as I’d really tried to give him some good information that could prevent him running into problems without being too doom laden about the risks and discourage anyone from exploring their rope ambitions.

The point of this is that it makes me wonder how much ‘So and so said…‘ stuff there is floating about that the alleged source never did actually say.

In this case I was fortunate because I was able to talk to the guy as soon as I found out what he was saying.
Sadly It’s probable that we’re not always that fortunate.

This likely as not happens to everyone and in conversations about anything. It has doubtless led to a lot of arguments too! But when this applies to advice about bondage then the best I can say is please do double check.

People make mistakes, mishear & misremember, we all do it sometimes.
I just think it pays to keep that in mind and take hearsay seasoned with the pinch of salt it needs.