I am now beginning certification for those wishing to teach WykD Method.

If your teacher claims to teach my style, ties or concepts and their name is not listed by me they are not endorsed by me as a person qualified to teach my style.

Why certification?

It is my wish that anyone teaching my style be of the highest competence and that anyone looking to that endorsement for an assurance of competence to be confident they will receive what I teach at a very high standard.

Anyone can make the claim that they teach X or Y school or style of bondage. However without this definitive endorsement it is not possible for the student to know which teachers are representing themselves accurately. My number one aim with certification is to give students that confidence.

Like it or not the human memory is fallible. What someone learns in one session may not necessarily be retained correctly or completely. Anyone certified will have developed their understanding and retention of information over multiple sessions over an extended period of time.

No certified teacher will have had only one lesson or single exposure to any technique.

What’s the difference between learning from someone certificated and someone who’s had lessons with me, isn’t the information the same?

When a student comes to me to learn I teach them what they need to know, I work on their weaknesses, I help them with their problems. This does not inform that student of all other possible problems or how to recognise those problems in others or what to do about them. A person who is certified will be able to recognise all manner of problems and help their students with information, practice and tuition which is relevant to them.

If someone simply teaches what I taught them as a simple ‘one size fits all’ learning regardless of the specific needs of a student many things which may be particularly needed for an individual may never be taught nor may the person trying to teach even recognise what needs to be taught.

Even if two students come to me with very similar basic problem the solution for them may not be the same. A certified teacher needs to be aware of multiple solutions where the individual student is inevitably aware only of the one relevant to them.

In short those qualified to teach will have a much greater depth of knowledge.

Teaching is a skill in itself, anyone qualified to teach therefore will have demonstrated not only their understanding of the techniques they are endorsed to teach but also their ability to impart that knowledge to students with a variety of learning styles.

It is important that a teacher be able to recognise and evaluate a students individual problems and then be able to address those problems. Those approved to teach will have demonstrated that ability.

You’re known for teaching in great depth, aren’t students learning everything anyway?

While it’s my aim with students is always to give them the greatest possible improvement to their bondage rather than what they would need to teach. Those of a teaching standard will have a greater level of understanding and have studied considerably more than students only working on their own bondage skills.

Not every student wishes to eventually become a teacher. The students who do wish to become teachers are those willing to invest considerable time and effort over and above that of regular students in developing a complete understanding, not only technique but also of teaching and the judgement to recognise what needs to be taught for each specific individual’s needs.