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What it is

Together with Clover in Shibari bondage

Shibari bondage with Clover.

I’m WykD Dave and this is my personal blog of thoughts and experiences.

What I like

I do like rope, most of what I write ends up related to rope but a fair bit doesn’t. It’s worth mentioning because a lot of people seem to assume otherwise that I’m into more than one kink (gasp, shock, horror!). I also like whips, canes, spanking, breath play and lots of other things besides.

What I don’t like

Generally people making silly assumptions about me, my partner, how we live, what we’re into and so on. Please don’t assume, it makes an ass… out of you.

People replying to what they’d like to think I’ve written rather than what I have. It really is such a waste of everyone’s time. Please turn off your preconceptions and read carefully before reading and read entire posts in context.

And finally an odd one but one that happens more than you’d think. People posting elsewhere about what they’d like people to think I’ve written and not what I really did write. I think you can all see why that one belongs in this section.

Your not liking what I write

If you don’t happen to like what I write here… well you’re entitled to not like what I write here, you’re entitled to respond, you’re entitled to like what I might write back but I am entitled to re-post and not agree with you in turn.


I have absolutely no desire, wish, want, or time to engage in any kind of flame war here on my own blog, they go on on social networking sites all the time and they’re welcome to stay there.


Related to both of the above points. If you post something offensive, personal or even possibly insane I will delete it or better yet just not publish it if I see fit. You’re very welcome not to like that either.


The things you read here are what I think at the time of writing. It is always possible that I might change my mind or have it changed for me given the right persuasion.  Persuasion in this case being classed as cogent, rational argument or demonstration.


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