WykD Method

I wanted to create ties that honoured the style of the greats of bondage, Nureki Chimuo  and Naka Akira who’s aesthetics I admire so much but to also have the technical and structural integrity brought to bondage by the great Akechi Denki. Having achieved these aims within my own style and aesthetic I am happy to teach my complete method.

For a long time I wanted to create a tying style which fulfilled my desires for bondage that was beautiful and secure without sacrificing flow and structure. In my method I use a combination of principles and practices through which I achieve that goal.


I’ve been fortunate to work with some really great people, see my work in movies, high fashion magazines, galleries and even in Paris’ Louvre Gallery. I’ve worked with some incredible people from celebrities and pop stars to porn stars, theatre and film directors and a host of amazing models.

This has been an adventure and one that I hope will continue for many years to come. I have taught shibari all over the world and performed in every country I’ve visited along with my partner Clover.

From someone more eloquent

I am terrible about talking about myself so I’m going to quote what someone else wrote about me for an event brochure.

WykD_Dave (Dave Rickman) is a UK-based rope enthusiast, who now teaches and performs internationally accompanied by his partner Clover. He started exploring bondage 22 years ago and was autodidact for the first 17 years, until a lesson with rope professional Osada Steve changed his way of tying. Dave loves Japanese style rope work, and decided to dedicate himself to this. “It isn’t about the rope, it’s about the expression, the look in the eyes, the hopelessness, the agony”.

Now, Dave feels fortunate to be asked to run workshops and tutorials all around the world. He takes great pleasure in seeing people get it and open their minds to what rope bondage can really be. “Not just a means of restraint but a much deeper and personally connected experience than any other I’ve ever found.”

Most of the time, running into Dave means running into his lovely partner Clover. She is very passionate about rope, she models and performs, as well as makes impressive photos of Japanese rope work done by Dave. Her photography focuses on the feelings involved in rope play, not just the pretty ties, and she tells stories with her pictures. Dave: “Of course Clover’s a huge part of everything. Without her photography would people ever have noticed?”