Well there was a bunch of things to look forward to. Number one was learning that a photographic hero and inspiration, Norio Sugiura would be there! Getting nervous about meeting him. Being so pleased to meet him and having the chance to get a print in person. (It’s strange looking back on this years later and thinking how much more we’ve seen him, what an extraordinary person he is and what a great artist he is. What we’ve learned over the years only makes us appreciate him more!)

Takeshi Nagaike san’s good humour, charm and old school tying style. It was very much a pleasure to meet him. If you see his work it’s not like the shibari you might imagine it to be.

Getting to go to the Andersen Japanese gardens for the first time was a great treat, our thanks to Jimmy Tato for taking us. We picked up some nice hashi before leaving. Also visiting the Asian market on the way back to the hotel I got an Agatsuma CD I didn’t have.

Saki Kamijoo And Wykd Dave In Nekomimi Ears In The Bar At Shibaricon 2012

Saki Kamijoo And Wykd Dave In Nekomimi Ears In The Bar At Shibaricon 2012

Saki Kamijoo san was just so infectiously fun and instantly fitting into the mind as one of those people that you’re just always glad to see. We’ve seen her many times since and I well remember getting drunk in the bar with her late one night.

We had some time with Milla Reika and discovering the sweet, un-egotistical, enthusiastic and grounded person behind the mistress image. People are often not what you might imagine.

Iambic9 is one of the most unassumingly nice and generous people I can think of, we’ve been glad to call him our friend ever since and have enjoyed many good meals together over the years.

Getting to perform again (I’m aware that we may have run just a ‘fraction’ over time for which I apologise).

MarkDV8’s generosity of spirit truly caught me off guard and really touching me.

Tying friends in the dungeon.

It was a pleasure being only the third person to really tie Beemo, thanks for the trust.

Somewhat more seriously getting into it with Clover and then having a great time tying sugrah! That was hot and hot again.

As a side note this was the first time I’d seen M0co Jute and the first time I’d tried it.

I’ve never had a single specific rope for Ichinawa but couldn’t resist getting a piece of Oniroku Nawa for that purpose and as yet another souvenir as Sugiura sensei had brought some for sale.

We got a new kimono for Clover from the lovely Japanese lady who was with Sugiuar san and it was a pleasure seeing her light up. Also seeing the reaction when I was able to tie the Obi properly was a delight. And getting electronic ears for Clover was a treat.

On the last morning in the hotel getting a breakfast consisting of four deserts with Psychokitty, Milla Reika and Ve. It was just what we needed.

Also a big thank you to Milla for parting with some of her Japanese candles to us just before taking off from the hotel. (btw those candles are really freaking hot)

Saying goodbyes after an event is always hard!

Bear hugs at the airport with Scott Smith, the last kinkster we saw before our flight was a nice last minute goodbye.

I am so sure I’ve missed things from this post. But mostly it’s rope, the people, the conversations the rope the friends and indeed the rope people. Mostly the people. Thanks everyone.