When the unethical meet the unprepared

//When the unethical meet the unprepared

When the unethical meet the unprepared

I think that the majority of, shall we say, unfortunate incidents that happen in the kink scene occur when the unethical manage to meet the unprepared!

When either I or my partner meet someone new into kink our instinct is to point them at useful and informative resources, try to answer questions and to give them some space to learn and find their feet.

Others don’t want them to learn. Or find their feet. They want to take advantage of the new persons ignorance.

Normally I try quite hard to post in a logical manner, however sometimes I ‘blog angry’ when something happens to especially tick me off. In the interests of full disclosure, the kind of person that exploits others inexperience and take advantage of that tick me off. Posturing ass holes tick me off. Scummy, manipulative fucktards… tick me off!

The most ticking thing is that… well they’re pathetic. If they didn’t prey on the vulnerable they’d be SOL they have nothing that would actually attract someone to them, they’re totally unlovable and worthless.

They would, of course be utterly pitiable if it wasn’t for the fact that they hurt people. Prey on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of others, of course they go after the vulnerable because they are fundamentally weak people who cannot cope with people who aren’t vulnerable.

When I say ‘weak’ I mean of course that they’re cowards. Morally, intellectually and emotionally.

After all people who are healthy aren’t afraid of people who are strong, or of knowledge or of people having different opinions or of the independence of mind of their partners, don’t need to seek out weakness. Their need to prey on the weakness of others only highlights their own fear and cowardice.

These people thrive in the silence of others, in the shame and fear of those that they manipulate.

Some people who have encountered these worthless fucktards have come out through these trials, emerged strong and unafraid. You can only admire those that have. It is their courage that saves others from meeting the same fate time and time again. To those people, I absolutely salute you.



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