Everything is old and everything is new.

That sentence is true. The future is built on the past. The best futures remember the past well as it informs and shapes the future. Avoiding the mistakes and learning the lessons.

The greatest advantage of humanity is it’s ability to learn beyond the current generation. To pass on information beyond the grave, to remember its origin and reason. Akechi Denki was a great innovator but also a respecter of tradition. He was a contributor to tradition too.

What is tradition? Tradition is respect for the past and the recognition and preservation of what is best of the past. It is ever changing and developing.

Sometimes people mistake ‘tradition’ for ‘fossilised’, ‘dead’, ‘unchanging’ and ‘unchangable’. Any serious look at the history of any field will show that this is not the case.

The insistence that nothing must change is as bad as the insistence that everything must change. The insistence that the past is nothing is as destructive, if not more as the insistence that the past is nothing.

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