Top drop, melancholia and coming down.

//Top drop, melancholia and coming down.

Top drop, melancholia and coming down.

Recently I saw a post about Top drop or as they described it a ‘Rigger’s Melancholy’ (which is a term I really liked btw.)

It caught me at a wrong moment and I posted that yeh, everyone knows about it. I was expecting someone to take issue with the tone of my response or criticise me for ever being exasperated by the endless repetition of the same questions, any display of less than perfect temper or humanity. Something along those lines. I was pretty surprised therefore to see a reply that didn’t make any of those reasonable complaints but instead insisted that not everyone had or was aware of this experience.  I will quote the response exactly here so you can see that I’m not making this up.

No, WykD_Dave, not everyone already knows about it. The great thing about this group is that we have a wide variety of experiences and skills. I would like to hear positive and constructive information from experts like you about how to recognize top drop coming on and how to deal with the feelings.

What most struck me is the assumption that this is some unique experience or out of the ordinary emotion or feeling.

You do something emotionally and or physically intense and you have a natural high from it, then you have a low to a greater or lesser extent afterwards.

Yes we’re all a bit different and have greter or lesser responses and some come down sooner or more steeply than others but surely this is a common human experience though to anyone who’s ever done anything intense, euphoric, joyous. To anyone who’s triumphed on the sports field, been in love, had great sex, strived and overcome!

The thing is that what we do is an adult activity and as adults how did you go through your life without experiencing natural highs and lows? How do you not recognise these normal human reactions. How did you live without encountering the high and the come down? How could you not have recognised and learned to deal with melancholic emotions?

How we arrive at these feelings may not be considered typical but I have to ask how does anyone not know what these feelings are?

I know that people want to think of the things that we do as special and unique, some of them are but ultimately we are doing them for very human reasons and that is to stimulate the feelings that we enjoy. We seek a high from what we are doing. The high itself is a very natural thing it’s a common thing, not just generally but it’s common between us all.

So how do you learn to recognise your natural feelings that are common to pretty much everyone? And how do you learn to deal with the natural come down which is the counterpoint to the natural high?

Well for a first step I’d recommend living.

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