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This can go wrong

The unexpected can effect us all… unexpectedly. Many people say to expect the unexpected. With respect to rope bondage and suspension the number things that could go wrong is large but finite we therefore can be prepared for the majority of likely happenings.

One thing that occurs to me is that there is a difference between knowing what to do about something and coping with something in the heat of the moment. It’s something you will only ever find out when it happens.

When it comes to something going unexpectedly wrong, overconfidence and arrogance are the enemies of preparedness, the assumption that something will not go wrong for you. This can lead to ill preparedness and inattention.

Be aware of the risks, consider carefully if you are willing to accept responsibility for something going seriously wrong.

It’s my opinion that you should always be aware that..

This can go wrong and have very real and serious consequences.

The dangers of what you are doing should be present in your mind.

Doing suspension bondage always carries risks, people sometimes talk of risk free and having methods that are less risky but there is no such thing as risk free and it’s always, regardless of method more risky than not doing it. It is always a risk. It should be a calculated risk that you enter into knowingly and consentingly and with a grasp of the possible consequences and with a preparedness to accept the unhappy consequences of a mistake or failure. This cannot happen if you are not aware of the risks, it cannot be done responsibly without knowledge of how to deal with the possible problems, it cannot be done consentingly without both parties knowing the possible consequences and making an informed decision to enter into the activity.

I have seen people say that suspension is not an advanced skill, that it’s easy and can be done safely with minimal knowledge. I cannot help but see these people as fools. You are literally hanging someone’s life on your rope and your partner is quite literally trusting you with their life and well-being. This is not something to be casually regarded as a basic skill. You are by engaging in this act accepting responsibility for that persons life, safety and well-being. Be aware of that fact.

There are no getouts and no letoffs. It is absolutely incumbent upon you to know your business and to take that business and your responsibility seriously.

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  1. Herauf July 13, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Well said.

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