Things proceed as they should

//Things proceed as they should

Things proceed as they should

In the end all things must come to dust…

I think this as I contemplate so many things.

My car that must soon be replaced. It has given many years of incredibly reliable service but time and wear presses on it as it does eventually on all things. Rope that is worn and limp, losing its strength. I have great memories of the intimate moments with that rope but now its useful life is almost over, I’ve done all that I can to take care of it, and prolong its usefulness but as with ourselves. No matter how much care we take, no matter how much we take care of life, of love, of any thing or thought; in the end time and wear will bring things to their natural conclusion.

Choose not to be sad because of this. Be glad for what was and treasure it all the more for its brief span. Treasure all such things in life.

I cannot say why moments where I tie and embrace another not just with rope but with all I can, with all my heart are so magical for me, why I pursue these moments, dream of them, desire them so. But they are some of the strongest and most potent moments for me. Brief transient things, beautiful in their fragility.

These things are so valuable to us because they are brief, finite, because the end is within our knowing, that their will be one day no more embraces and so we embrace so much more fiercely. And until that end comes.

Things proceed as they should.

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