The manufacture of stupid

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The manufacture of stupid

During the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage this year I had one of those ‘really’ moments when I was told about something doing the rounds in America at the moment.

Well, if it’s true it’s a new level of stupid when it comes to spreading information regarding bondage.

A couple of years ago we did a show in Chicago at an event there. In that show there was a single ankle suspension. This suspension resulted in absolutely no injury, the techniques used were ones that originated with Asagi Ageha regarding rope and knot placement. So far as I’m aware nobody has sustained a nerve injury from the way this suspension is tied.

Why do I mention nerve injury in regard to this suspension that didn’t cause one?

Well because I was told during the London Festival this year that the way I did that suspension is being advised against because of the injury Clover sustained during that show!

If you just went ‘hu?’ then you should have. They are advising against that suspension because of an injury she didn’t have.

Now Clover has had a nerve injury in her foot and it was from an ankle suspension. It wasn’t from that suspension, it wasn’t tied in that way, didn’t have that placement and it wasn’t in that show, it wasn’t even on that day. Hell, it wasn’t in any show. It happened when we were trying a new transition, and it was, according to everyone we’ve been able to talk to about it not even the fault of that suspension tie. The doctors and surgeons we’ve talked to to get to the bottom of why it happened have called it a ‘fluke accident’.

So let’s break  this down. People are advising against one of the best and safest ways of tying a single ankle suspension on the grounds that someone had a fluke injury from a suspension that they never in fact saw or knew anything about when in a completely different tie.

For bonus points this is also being said without any smart people having the brains to contact either of us to find out what really happened. They’re just spreading the stupidity far and wide and ‘helping’ people to avoid a good technique and placement.

Do you see where the title of this post comes from?

It’s from taking witless assumptions, combining them with moronic ignorance in order to manufacture brand new 100% pure stupidity.


p.s. If you’ve been told this you may wish to consider the probable intelligence of the person saying it and the likely value of anything else that they have to say in light of that.

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