The bound before the LFAJRB 2013

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The bound before the LFAJRB 2013

It’s hard to know where to begin writing about this years festival. So much happened and we had such a good time with friends old and new.

For us the festival began behind the scenes a few months before the date but… the festival for real began on the night of Bound. We had nothing planned, no show prepared, some music we had used last year and a brief chat on the way down about what the hell we were going to do. During the drive down Clover browsing the web on her phone noticed that Bound was due to  be streamed live that night, so no pressure right?

When we finally made it through London to The Flying Dutchman we found that there was a film crew from National Geographic who were going to film the nights performances. So again no pressure right?

I have to say though that in the end we had an absolutely killer time that night and the rope just flowed. Frankly we just went up and played and had fun. I don’t know when I’ve been more relaxed during a show.

It was also great to see so many friends from around the world in that crowded pub. Including in one corner Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki. Hell of a first night to our festival experience this year.

Here are a few pictures though I don’t know if anything can capture that hot atmosphere.

More pictures in the portfolio here.


p.s. Oh and Naka Akira asked if he could keep one of my black candles!

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