Suspension being an advanced subject

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Suspension being an advanced subject

People sometimes object to suspension being regarded as an advanced subject. I think however that it IS and advanced subject. Not because of the technicality of suspending someone but because of the consequences of suspending someone.

The dangers of bondage are multiplied  by suspension. The danger of damage to the person suspended far greater.

The fact that “the mechanical principles aren’t hard to grasp” is irrelevant to it being an advanced subject. The need to understand a great many factors, the need to understand the physical consequences, the need to be competent to deal with difficulties, the need to be able to deal with pressure, the need to recognise risk, the need to be able to shoulder a far greater responsibility for someone’s welfare, the need to be aware of everything in the moment, the need to be able to read your partners reactions, the need to comprehend all these and more things together simultaneously and make balanced judgements that could effect the rest of someone’s life make it an advanced subject.

One of the reasons that I hate people rushing into suspension play is that a great many of the things that make you a competent suspension rigger is experience, and sorry folks but experience only turns up with experience and you can’t shot cut that, much as you may wish too.

Some people do learn faster than others, some people acquire experience faster than others, sometimes simply through dedication and having more experiences. It doesn’t necessarily take an unreasonable amount of time to acquire experience. However long it takes though it does require a lot of application, effort, and sorry again… hard work.

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  1. Devil January 19, 2013 at 12:53 am

    I agree whole-heartedly! I think the things that stood out the most for me were:
    – ability to read your partner: this seriously took me a long time to learn. Not because I didn’t apply myself but because to almost “feel” someone’s needs before they speak just by reading body language is a skill of time and patience.
    – ability to deal with difficulties: this is HUGE! Almost always shit will happen that you didn’t expect to happen. Your partner will move one way, you will shift them just a slight bit too far, your rope(heaven forbid) slips a few millimeters and hits a nerve, one of your suspension lines breaks, and a multitude of others. I’ve heard horror stories of so many things and the one thing that 9 out of 10 times saves them… Experience in dealing with difficulty.

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