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Recommendations are a difficult and weighty thing. They are loaded with responsibility.

Unfortunately it is often the case that recommendations are made based on what turns out to be a limited experience of a person. This is especially unfortunate when the things you have not seen are what you might describe as bad things. Bad things like ego driven dangerous behaviour, like a failure to care about and check in on someone who has been injured.

You have a feeling of guilt if a person that you recommended turns out not to have lived up to the trust you placed in them. If they let down the person they have been recommended to, who may never have even met them otherwise, it is not something you can take lightly.

When the person hurt is someone you are emotionally attached to, a close friend or play partner for instance, this feeling intensifies.

It makes you mistrust your judgement of people. It makes you angry at them for failing to live up to what you might think are reasonable expectations of judgement, skill, trust, responsibility and care.

Due to a recent experience which has left deep feelings of disgust toward the behaviour of one individual mistakenly trusted. It’s hard to imagine any recommendations being made in the future.

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