Read without prejudice

//Read without prejudice

Read without prejudice

It often seems to me that people read what they want to read. Certainly this doesn’t apply to everyone but for some it seems that no matter how carefully you try to phrase things, they have a view of the world; and sometimes of you, that seems to act as some kind of distorting lens that bends a picture that they don’t understand or don’t agree with into a shape that fits their preconceptions.

How can I get people to read what I actually wrote and not their own prejudice? How can I get them to respond with thought? How while we’re at it can I get them to understand that stating my thoughts isn’t necessarily implying that yours are invalid?

Often this seems to turn what they see into a high contrast black and white picture that they can view very simplistically. How can I get them to understand that sometimes there are shades of grey, what I think for one particular instance is not necessarily something to be applied indiscriminately across the whole of life and every circumstance regardless of other factors.

How can I get some people to understand that what applies to one circumstance I may discuss doesn’t necessarily apply to another circumstance without this being a contradiction?

I’d like some people to try to remember that I’m not you! I don’t have to agree with you, or pander to your personal beliefs.

Keeping this all in mind I’d like people to get past the automatic prejudices, triggers, conclusion jumping etc. that leads them to most irrational and illogical responses. If you’re going to read something with prejudice, with preconception, with your mind made up before you begin reading, then what’s the point?

How do I get people to read without prejudice? I don’t know. As I said at the beginning this isn’t everyone, it’s certainly the minority that contact me. It’s just a puzzle.


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