Positivity in the rope community

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Positivity in the rope community

To be honest a lot of the posts on this blog only exist because of the amazing amount of negativity being generated in the rope scene.

How many people can there be that just can’t stand the success of others, that can only make themselves feel big by trying to belittle others?

There is so much going on in the bondage world that is wonderful and creative and pushing the boundaries in a good way. I see the standard rising all over but yet I see people decrying this and that. More good education is available and the general standard is rising. The worse riggers are finally being pushed out because their incompetence is revealed by the generally rising standard. This keeps bottoms more safe and this is a good thing.

There is more information and education for bottoms, this helps them to recognise and avoid the worse rope tops and this is a good thing. I see with great satisfaction people copying education for rope bottoms all around the world. I’m glad that people are catching onto this. It helps to push for a better educated and a better standard of rigger, it helps to push out the incompetent. All this is so much to the good. People have incredibly asked if we mind them reproducing the materials for rope bottoms that we publish for free in multiple languages or use them as part of classes. Why would we mind? The whole point is to increase education for rope bottoms. The whole point it to make good general information available. This information is from a rope bottom for rope bottoms and I’m very pleased to see this information out there. When people copy the idea I am delighted that they want to.

I really feel that things move more and more in a positive direction.

So why are so many discussions complaints, why are so many of my own blog posts triggered by the stupidity of some of those posts or at least the stupidity of the people posting them? Why don’t the positive things that actually happen overwhelm the negative people online?

I mean the people being negative and causing arguments tend to be the fart arounds, the fuckwits, the numbskulls, the internet warriors that don’t actually make a real contribution.

I just think it’s sad that with so much actually improvement, so much actual good education beginning to overhaul the (lets face it lots of) bad stuff out there that there isn’t a generally positive atmosphere.

The rope bondage world is expanding, more and more talented people are emerging, the standard is rising, what’s to be miserable about, what’s to be sour about, what’s to gripe about?

It’s an amazing new world. Enjoy it! Life really, really is too short for the bullshit.

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