Playing with others (Fact and Fiction)

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Playing with others (Fact and Fiction)

WARNING: This is going to be a bit of a personal ramble which may or may not prove useful to others!

Now I want to say right at the beginning before anyone goes off the deep end that there are probably lots of people we’d really like to play and would have a great time with, it’s just that we either don’t know who they are, don’t know them well enough, or just don’t know them in that way.

So to date there have been 3 people in the whole world that we’ve played with since we’ve been together, maybe 3 that we’re open to the idea of playing with and a few scattered souls that we might become open to playing with if we get to know them in the right way.

The people we do play with know who they are, the people we’re open to the idea of playing with might not. As for people who’d like to play with us? Not a clue.

The only reason that this comes up at all in a post is that recently a lot of people have said (not to us but to other people) that we don’t play with anyone else. Generally we wouldn’t care about this excepting when someone who does not know us or how we feel about playing with others, categorically tells someone interested in us that we never play with others. As you can imagine the wide spread impression being generated is a bit of an inconvenience.

OK so we don’t play randomly and so help us, we like to know people somewhat first.

Not an issue I think and not anyone’s business but ours and the people we play with or might want to play with. What is an issue is someone who doesn’t know us making assumptions about us with no basis in fact then telling them to others as if it was a fact.

What kind of a person are you that comes out with this kind of thing? I don’t even want to have a conversation about this. I’d just like idiots not to put about the contents of their diseased imaginations out as if they were connected to reality.

This kind of pointless lying, rumour-mongering and putting words in the mouths of others is the kind of thing that just makes me feel tired. Just get a life of your own instead of lying about other people’s.

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