More than one reason to love Kimono

//More than one reason to love Kimono

More than one reason to love Kimono

There have been times when I’ve not really been keeping up with my lovely girl Clover’s blog but reading a few moments ago has reminded me why I should.

Her post on One reason to love Kimono very elequently relayed to me some of her feelings wearing and being tied in Kimono, the finer details of which would have passed me by if I hadn’t read this post.

More than a costume, much more than dressing up. The beginning of a headspace, a mental preperation for a scene. Liberating and restrictive.

Also something that I hadn’t anticipated at all was her words on how authentically feminine she felt in Kimono. It simply hadn’t occurred to me that someone as hyper feminine as Clover appears all the time would not feel feminine at any time or that a garment that is by its nature restrictive, straight and frankly designed to play down the shapeliness of women would be one that would enhance her feelings of femininity quite separate from kink.


I have my own reasons for loving Kimono.

Not least of these is the fact that I just find them beautiful, for a variety of reasons and if nothing else that’s enough. This includes the incredible materials, wonderful obis, the contrast and styles of them and so on but also some things that are harder to define.

I like the layers, the way they conceal. To the extent that slowly revealing a shoulder from a Kimono can take on much more of an erotic frission than having the body naked from the start Exposure is gradual and via many layers and ties rather than the simple stripping of clothes. Like with say 50’s style of which I’m also a fan; part of the excitement is the contemplation of what’s beneath as much as with the actual stripping. Disrobing someone from a Kimono is  task, a process, and a foreplay in its own right.

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  1. verity paige July 27, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Actually kimono aren’t really designed to play down the female form. The japanese have a very different idea to us westerners about what part of the body is sexy. It does play down boobs and hips but a good kimono will have a low back neck and come up at the feet. When designed those were the eastern versions of breast and bum. Love your post. Sorry for the kimono trivia.. I’m a bit of a kimono junkie.

    • wykd July 27, 2012 at 4:58 pm

      I think you’re reading into this a little. What I said was “frankly designed to play down the shapeliness of women” which if you read up on kimono you will realise is exactly the case, in fact padding and strapping down are used in order to neutralise the natural shape of the woman and achieve an appropriately tubular appearance.

      The japanese have a very different idea to us westerners about what part of the body is sexy.

      Yes I know and agree, to an extent, in certain departments, in certain circumstances, I think you’re for some reason assuming a certain amount of ignorance on my part without any foundation. Remember that I’m a westerner speaking about why I like them even though I am well aware that in some departments I’ve grown up with very different aesthetic values, not to highlight differences in comparative tastes say a couple of generations ago when these differences were more marked. I am saying in this article how I still appreciate Kimono despite those differences.

      Glad that you enjoyed the post.

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