London Festival 2013 performance

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London Festival 2013 performance

This was a special performance for us. We were going to do something that people hadn’t seen before. Nothing world shaking but we weren’t going to use a TK/Gote of the conventional kind. We were going to do something that we could only do because Clover could manage it. We probably could not have done it a year ago. We were going to do something we very much wanted to do together. We were going to be together on stage just doing what we love to do. We’ve come a long way together.

This was a special time for us for a number of reasons, some of those I’ll blog about later. The show was though something we were very much looking forward to. Also it was quite exciting to have a secret about what we were going to do. I’d like to think that people didn’t see this one coming. Then again the show wasn’t about one thing.

I imagined when I sat down to write this that there would be quite an article here. In the end though it boils down to just one thing.

We just wanted it to be beautiful.


You can see the video here


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