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In celebration

This has been a sad year for Kinbaku as one of it’s greatest Grand Master Nureki Chimuo has passed away.

Now Yukimura Haruki, Randa Mai and Osada Steve have all been or remain unwell.

Rather than take this as a further sadness and mourning if they pass. Let us celebrate that they are as yet with us and the work that they have done.

Sometimes we let these moments pass and only mourn what is gone. If you appreciate their work, contribution and teaching then this is a moment to let them know.

I wish very much that these gentlemen will have a full and speedy recovery and remain with us and active for many more years. If not though I would hate to think that this moment was allowed to slip by and I did not say to them what I wished while it was still possible to do so.

If these people have meant something to you and their work and contribution have given something then you may wish to consider a short messages of good will and appreciation.


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