Good rope bondage suspension people don’t put up everything they know online

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Good rope bondage suspension people don’t put up everything they know online

I’ve seen people condemn this. After all they say, there’s been a big expansion in people doing suspension and there hasn’t been a proportional increase in (reported) injuries resulting from suspensions.

Of course I can’t help wondering if there’s a little bit of a corrolation between people not sharing advanced techniques willy nilly and the apparently low accident rate. In my view every educator that is concerned about making sure students learn in a measured and considered manner is absolutely right in this. And anyway I have well known reservations about the teaching of anything bondage related on-line.

I don’t see how a low accident rate is an argument in favour of publishing more information on more advanced and dangerous techniques. I firmly believe the tendency of responsible experts to be cautious in releasing advanced level education to people on the grounds that they’re ready for it rather than just because people would like to is certainly in part a reason for the apparent rate of injuries being kept low.

Why won’t I publish videos of everything I know? Why would I. Why would anyone who cared about safety.

To the people who complain about this I’d say you seem really to be complaining that people won’t give you everything on your wish list for free and right now. Well weather you pay for lessons or not, you don’t get to have some information for free. Especially information that if misapplied could lead to serious harm for the person bound. You have to pay for it, not least with hard work, and by showing that you can act responsibly and work diligently to keep your partner as safe as is practically possible within an inherently dangerous activity. You need to pay with consistent thoughtful and responsible application, with hard work.

For those who complain about paying someone to spend their time and effort and experience on educating them. You might want to consider that a good teachers time, experience and knowledge are actually worth something. After all if they weren’t why are you wanting to learn from them anyway?


To see some tutorials that I would put on line…

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