Full of hate

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Full of hate

Liking this isn’t hating that.

Simple and obvious you might think. However it is not obvious to many people.

I like rope bondage (bet that surprised you) and weirdly perhaps that hasn’t made me spontaneously hate other kinks. I enjoy many other kinks, there are also those that are not to my taste. Still I manage not to hate anyone for liking a kink that I don’t.

Why are some people so full of hate?

Why can’t people like what they like without actively disliking what others like?

I think I know the answer. It’s because they’re morons!

But obviously not just morons, a special type of moron. A moron that believes that they are somehow above others, that their taste in kink is legitimate when that of other people is obviously inferior. You know, delusional morons; who are self obsessed. Delusional self obsessed morons.

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I wrote this post quite a while ago but didn't publish it. Coming back to it I was quite amused by it. I hope you, dear reader are amused by it too. Unless you're one of those people I'm talking about in which case I hope you recognise yourself and it pisses you off! Thanks for reading
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