Feeling responsible (teaching shibari [rope bondage])

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Feeling responsible (teaching shibari [rope bondage])

When teaching people I find that I have a very great feeling of responsibility for those that I teach. Consequently I want to ensure that nothing is mistaken or miscommunicated and that the student has fully understood what I want to get across. This is particularly true of bondage safety.

I want those I teach to be fully seized of the nature of the danger that they can cause to their partner and the responsibility that they bear for their partners safety. Yet at the same time I don’t want to frighten them away from bondage or make them think that bondage is more dangerous than it is.

If I’ve taught them well I hope that they will go on to enjoy bondage for many years without avoidable misfortune.

I sometimes think that I worry too much about how a student will fare after they have left my teaching. That is to be concerned for their ongoing development and care of safety.

I know that it is foolish to harbour such feelings too deeply. My students are adults and responsible for their actions. The care of the teacher can only extend so far. And yet I cannot seem to help feeling this concern. In teaching someone, to some extent, I feel that the safety of those that they then go on to tie is also to an extent my responsibility, an extended consequence of my teaching. This is why I’m so concerned to teach well.

Perhaps this is too much feeling. And yet I do feel this concern for students and for their partners as yet unmet.

Yes I know this is something that must be limited, you can only help someone on their journey, you cannot travel it for them. It’s not something that rules my life or causes me to not teach or to pursue or observe students out of my care. But it is there somewhere.

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