Recently a former adult performer was the victim of a home invasion and brutal assault.

The thing that’s really struck me about this is how little this has been in evidence on-line except from her fellow adult performers.

For instance those most conspicuous in their outrage on occasions where there is the accusation of rape but no apparent evidence or arrest notably recently in an American university seem for some reason to have not been outraged by this definite incident with evidence and arrests.

This reads as a despicable incident and I’m saddened that more people aren’t outraged by it outside of the adult work communities.

We can all guess why some who hooted so loudly and so condemning with no more evidence than an article in Rolling Stone that turned out to have been badly researched and showed deplorable journalistic standards have just turned their backs when confronted by an actual horrible incident that’s truly horrifying with the perpetrators arrested on solid evidence and set to go to trial.

This happened her and her whole family. It’s horrifying even to contemplate. Again I come back to the thought that the reason that this can happen is that some people think of people as things. To some it appears that this woman is ‘a pornstar‘ rather than a thinking, feeling human being who was brutally assaulted and traumatised. For some it simply doesn’t serve their agenda so they ignore real attacks in favour of listen and believe phantasms.

The question this all begs is what do people really care about? Do they care about this kind of disgusting violence against a fellow human or are they just concerned with a personal agenda?

Cytheria thanks fans for support.

Mercedes Carrera has been raising money for the Cytheria and her family and has things to say about those that have ignored this incident.

Edited 2015/12/20 — addendum.

p.s. In light of the recent controversy regarding Stoya’s accusations against her ex-boyfriend and fellow porn performer. I have been moved to revisit this post and am struck with its resonance in some respects with a more recent issue on line in the matter of certain people who remain silent at the time of a confirmed proven and very real violation of an individual and their terrible and traumatised situation compared with what those same people voice outrage at based on accusation.

I personally have no idea of the truth or otherwise of these accusations but cannot help but note the very many people who were not interested in the aftermath Cytheria’s and did not voice any support for her nor outrage at the crime perpetrated are very vocal this time on the basis of an accusation only.

When I see people saying ‘listen and believe’ or ‘don’t talk to me about due process’ it makes me shudder. Trial by internet, hate mobs and knee jerk reactions are not the way of justice. Accusation cannot be taken as proof. Like it or not innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of our justice systems and we abandon them at the peril of our whole society.

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