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Cycles of interest and taste

It’s funny how we go through cycles of interest through time. Recently I’ve been looking back through the shoots I’ve rigged for in the last few years. I can see certain cycles of interest rising and falling, sometimes resurfacing again in slightly different ways.

There were periods where I explored certain aspects of bondage or certain visual tastes on shoot after shoot. There was a period about 3 years ago where shoot after shoot contained very low level suspensions. At another time bamboo appeared somewhere in almost every shoot.

Inevitably these interests waxed and waned as I felt out certain methods of expression until I felt satisfied that they were something I had a handle on. Certain techniques were explored and pushed. The limits found. The learning assimilated. Each of these themes became another part of the things that I do. None came to dominate.

It’s interesting when you have been around long enough to see a similar thing happen in the bondage scene as a whole. In recent years there have been periods where it seemed that everyone was going crazy for single ankle suspensions at one point in time and Futomomo tsuri at others.

Rope bondage is subject to fashions and fads just like the rest of life.  Often these fads rise and fall as if they’d never been. Each time though I think that they leave something behind. They have been the basis for people trying ties and techniques that are new to them.

I think that people tend to deride the fact of fads. Complain that they are seeing the same things over and over again. On the other hand sometimes they are useful in that the propagate new ideas.

These cycles come and go. Sometimes things stick. The wheel turns and next time around we think again and perhaps differently as our experience alters our understanding.

I know that for me it’s useful to revisit and review the cycles of the past. To look with new eyes at old work. There is always something new to see, new ideas to be triggered.

The future is as always built on the past.

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