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Chimuo Nureki

Very sad news. It seems that Nureki Chimuo has passed away. He was 83
It is an often overused phrase but in this case I think it is fair to say that we shall not see his like again.



Chimuo Nureki has perhaps the longest and most varied history of any living bakushi. His reputation as a rope artist and career stretching over five decades have earned him a worldwide following. He has been called “The greatest living…kinbaku master”.

Throughout his career, Nureki has been a prolific writer and his work often appeared in iconic Japanese SM magazines such as Kitan Club and Uramado. He was closely associated with the founder of Uramado and kinbaku legend, Kou Minomura.

Nureki was also one of the few living bakushi to have had personal contact with Seiu Ito.
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