Be yourself, as hard as you possibly can!

//Be yourself, as hard as you possibly can!

Be yourself, as hard as you possibly can!

I see lot’s of advice on FL. About how to approach people when you’re looking for a partner; how to do this and that. How to write to people, how to present yourself.

I have one very simple piece of advice. Ignore all that advice.

Be yourself, as hard as you possibly can!

If you are pretending to be something other than yourself then it’s useless to you. Sure somebody may like it if you give some appearance that’s attractive to them but they weren’t attracted to you were they? No they were attracted to the image you tried to project. They are if you like attracted to an image put together to appeal to the greatest number of people. It’s treating meeting someone special as a numbers game.

Are you going to be happy with someone attracted to that or is the right person for you necessarily in the minority of people?

I think the right person for everyone is necessarily in the minority of people you’ll ever know. With that being the case just accept that the majority of people will not be the right people for you anyway and that therefore their not being attracted to you is irrelevant, unimportant. Just a part of life.

Be yourself. If people don’t like who you really are then they’re not the person for you and what did it serve you anyway?

Be your authentic self. It is invariably true that not everyone will be attracted to or even possibly like that. However the people who are attracted to it are at least attracted to the real you and therefore you have a much better chance of something with that person.

This is the most direct, succinct and honest advice I can give on this.

Be yourself, as hard as you possibly can!

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