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Our friend in America

A freind in America is unfortunately very ill at the moment and what with the American health system and being unable to work with such a serious condition he’s not in the best shape to cope with this financially. The following is what he and his closest friends have written about his condition.

I’m reproducing it here for my subscribers to see and linking to a gofundme where you can make a contribution if you are so moved.


On Sunday, May 29th, Aeo was admitted into the hospital for cellulitis – one of the fastest spreading cases of cellulitis the hospital staff had ever seen. The infection spread strongly enough that he almost lost his leg. He was given several doses of the strongest antibiotic in the hospital to combat the infection. It worked enough to remove the current need for surgery, but that came with negative effects elsewhere. The strength of the antibiotics began to affect his kidneys. Aeo is finally out of the ICU, but will be remaining in the hospital until his kidneys become stable and the infection in his leg is no longer a threat. We still aren’t sure when he’ll be able to return home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t budget for such an expensive emergency to occur in our lives. Due to issues with the Marketplace, he also currently has no medical insurance. We’ve been working with the hospital social workers to decrease these costs as much as possible, but with a week in the hospital and no definite end in sight, the expenses will still be very high.

So many of our friends have already shown incredible support by reaching out to us online or in person. Today, we have to set our pride aside and ask for your monetary help. If there is anything you can give to support his medical bills and living expenses, we would appreciate it more than words can express. The goal is currently set at $2000, which is two months of his living expenses. Because we have no idea what the medical expenses will be, we haven’t adjusted the goal to reflect for those costs at this time.

Our community has always been so supportive, and even if you are unable to help financially, we still endlessly appreciate your well wishes.

– Aeolis_Est, noly, and Fire-bite

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