A brief thought on hard points

If you do not know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a suspension point is definitely good enough then it's NOT good enough. If you do not have the necessary knowledge to judge if an unfamiliar suspension point is good enough yourself. Then you should set about acquiring that knowledge or just not use it. I honestly think that having the ability to judge the appropriateness of a suspension point is an essential skill for anyone who's going to suspend in different locations. And yes, I apply that to suspension points in clubs and at events too. I've refused to use points in clubs because for one reason or another I wasn't happy with them. And you cannot just take it on trust and you have to be responsible for the decision to suspend on whatever it is that you do suspend on. Because... You are making the decision to hang someone's life on that thing!

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London Festival 2013 performance

This was a special performance for us. We were going to do something that people hadn't seen before. Nothing world shaking but we weren't going to use a TK/Gote of the conventional kind. We were going to do something that we could only do because Clover could manage it. We probably could not have done it a year ago. We were going to do something we very much wanted to do together. We were going to be together on stage just doing what we love to do. We've come a long way together. This was a special time for us for a number of reasons, some of those I'll blog about later. The show was though something we were very much looking forward to. Also it was quite exciting to have a secret about what we were going to do. I'd like to think that people didn't see this one coming. Then again the show wasn't about one thing. I imagined when I sat down to write this that there would be quite an article here. In the end though it boils down to just one thing. We just wanted it to be beautiful.   You can see the video here   Photos by Anonymous

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The 2012 festival of Japanese bondage in London

We've always had an amazing time performing in London at the Festival of Japanese bondage. We have been lucky enough to make some great friends over the years and we're looking forward to doing so again this year. Old friends and new are coming from all around the world. It's going to be great. 2012 another great year. So here is a memory of our performance then. 2013 looks like it will be another great one with Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki headlining two show nights and also teaching. Saki Kamijoo will also be performing and teaching. We're hoping to produce another great memory in 2013 so stay tuned for video and images after the festival.

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Mr Nice.

I am not Mr Nice. When it comes to teaching I am not. I do do my best to be Mr Patient, Mr Understanding & Mr Informative. But let's be honest, you, I hope, didn't hire me to be your friend, you hired me to improve your bondage. Bondage is serious and can be seriously dangerous so I take teaching bondage seriously. I also take very seriously the responsibility of teaching. If you have a good time in a lesson that's just great, I hope you do. But that is not my goal. My goal is that you go away doing better bondage than you were before the lesson. If you're making mistakes I'll do my best to be Mr Tactful about it. However I will not be Mr Flattery, I will not deceive you into thinking that you're doing better than you are. Nor will I fill you with a false sense of confidence or accomplishment because I'm not Mr Disingenuous. I will not teach you beyond your ability, because I am not Mr Irresponsible. If you are not serious about wanting to learn, do not come to me. There are plenty of teachers who will make you feel good about yourself regardless of your ability. Go to them by all means if that is what you're after. Personally in lessons I'm not trying to be Mr Likeable. I will not praise that which is not praiseworthy. I will do my best to improve your rope as much as I am able. I am I hope Mr Conciencious. I am and can be many people. But! I am not Mr Nice.

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Recently Clover make a couple of posts on the subjects of being picky about who tied her and about the multi layered requirements of trust which goes beyond simple skill. I feel that both of these are really about trust. When it comes to trusting your well-being with someone, trusting someone to the extent you can be helpless with them you have an absolute right to be picky. In fact I'd go so far as to say that if you're not being picky you're not really looking after yourself. I would urge all rope bottoms to 'be picky' about who ties you up. I hear people argue that they don't know what's good rope and what isn't. Well, this is a health issue, educate yourself. Being suspended by someone who thinks they're really great right up to the point where it turns out that they only thought they were is a risky business. You don't know if it's good rope work or not? Find out. Learn, arm yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself. Seriously I see so many models work with terrible riggers it's just crazy. I wonder what the level of safety concerned conversation before these shoots was. Tog: I want to tie you up and then hang you up with washing line. Mod: Do you know what you're doing? Tog: Kinda Mod: OK then. (the above quoted conversation is a 'joke' and not a real quote, it is used here for the purposes of satire whilst illustrating a point) * Am I taking crazy pills or did you ought to extend some more concern over your personal safety? Yet clearly some do not take that care as is evidenced by the pictures of said models [...]

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Crossing the road and safety related to suspension bondage.

It can seem overwhelming when people speak of the potential dangers of rope bondage. The thing is however to be aware of the dangers so that you can avoid them! You should not let the risks frighten you but they should make you properly cautious and exercise due diligence to reduce the risks, to be informed about them. To realistically know what they are and if you're prepared to accept them. Crossing a busy road for instance can be dangerous and someone just walking out without any awareness of the dangers is quite likely to have a nasty accident. However if you are aware of the dangers, real though they are, you can avoid them. Crossing the road is always more risky than not crossing the road. Doing bondage is always more risky than not doing bondage. In neither instance is it possible to totally remove risk but it is possible to reduce it to a manageable and acceptable level. After all crossing a busy road has probably more likelihood of imminent death for the unwary than bondage. And yet... we still cross the road. ... and bungee and sail and race and climb and... Does this all make it sound terrifying? Good, there's a real point to that, but! You do cross the road every day, you learn how to do it safer, skydiving sounds terrifying but with the right know-how, well how many accidents do you hear of? That's right there are still some but they're blessedly few. Due to knowledge, due to learning, due to people having built on the experience of those before them. And when we do these things we learn something about them, usually from someone with good experience and reputation; in fact we [...]

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Suspension being an advanced subject

People sometimes object to suspension being regarded as an advanced subject. I think however that it IS and advanced subject. Not because of the technicality of suspending someone but because of the consequences of suspending someone. The dangers of bondage are multiplied  by suspension. The danger of damage to the person suspended far greater. The fact that "the mechanical principles aren't hard to grasp" is irrelevant to it being an advanced subject. The need to understand a great many factors, the need to understand the physical consequences, the need to be competent to deal with difficulties, the need to be able to deal with pressure, the need to recognise risk, the need to be able to shoulder a far greater responsibility for someone's welfare, the need to be aware of everything in the moment, the need to be able to read your partners reactions, the need to comprehend all these and more things together simultaneously and make balanced judgements that could effect the rest of someone's life make it an advanced subject. One of the reasons that I hate people rushing into suspension play is that a great many of the things that make you a competent suspension rigger is experience, and sorry folks but experience only turns up with experience and you can't shot cut that, much as you may wish too. Some people do learn faster than others, some people acquire experience faster than others, sometimes simply through dedication and having more experiences. It doesn't necessarily take an unreasonable amount of time to acquire experience. However long it takes though it does require a lot of application, effort, and sorry again... hard work.

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