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J.P. Rakehorn

Our best congratulations go to the incredible artist J.P. Rakehorn for his triumph at the recent International Juried art show this year in Sin City Gallary Las Vegas. I am always knocked out by his incredible work and heartily recommend visiting his site to see more of his work.

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In celebration

This has been a sad year for Kinbaku as one of it's greatest Grand Master Nureki Chimuo has passed away. Now Yukimura Haruki, Randa Mai and Osada Steve have all been or remain unwell. Rather than take this as a further sadness and mourning if they pass. Let us celebrate that they are as yet with us and the work that they have done. Sometimes we let these moments pass and only mourn what is gone. If you appreciate their work, contribution and teaching then this is a moment to let them know. I wish very much that these gentlemen will have a full and speedy recovery and remain with us and active for many more years. If not though I would hate to think that this moment was allowed to slip by and I did not say to them what I wished while it was still possible to do so. If these people have meant something to you and their work and contribution have given something then you may wish to consider a short messages of good will and appreciation. Dave.

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London Festival 2013 performance

This was a special performance for us. We were going to do something that people hadn't seen before. Nothing world shaking but we weren't going to use a TK/Gote of the conventional kind. We were going to do something that we could only do because Clover could manage it. We probably could not have done it a year ago. We were going to do something we very much wanted to do together. We were going to be together on stage just doing what we love to do. We've come a long way together. This was a special time for us for a number of reasons, some of those I'll blog about later. The show was though something we were very much looking forward to. Also it was quite exciting to have a secret about what we were going to do. I'd like to think that people didn't see this one coming. Then again the show wasn't about one thing. I imagined when I sat down to write this that there would be quite an article here. In the end though it boils down to just one thing. We just wanted it to be beautiful.   You can see the video here   Photos by Anonymous

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Chimuo Nureki

Very sad news. It seems that Nureki Chimuo has passed away. He was 83 It is an often overused phrase but in this case I think it is fair to say that we shall not see his like again.   Chimuo Nureki has perhaps the longest and most varied history of any living bakushi. His reputation as a rope artist and career stretching over five decades have earned him a worldwide following. He has been called "The greatest living...kinbaku master". Throughout his career, Nureki has been a prolific writer and his work often appeared in iconic Japanese SM magazines such as Kitan Club and Uramado. He was closely associated with the founder of Uramado and kinbaku legend, Kou Minomura. Nureki was also one of the few living bakushi to have had personal contact with Seiu Ito. Full biography on nawapedia

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Are you scared yet? A film by Raindance raw talent directed by Ate de Jong Earlier this year I had an amazing experience working on a new film. This full length feature thriller features some shibari rope bondage. It was my great pleasure to be able to supply this for the movie. The first showing of this movie will be on Monday September 30th at 9:00pm A home invasion irrevocably changes the lives of all involved in ways neither victims nor perpetrator could have imagined. The showing is on the Monday immediately following the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage in London. It was an amazing experience being involved in a project like this and to work with so many wonderful people. I'm not going to give away anything that happens in the film. You'll just have to wait and see. More updates running up to and after the first festival showing.

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The 2012 festival of Japanese bondage in London

We've always had an amazing time performing in London at the Festival of Japanese bondage. We have been lucky enough to make some great friends over the years and we're looking forward to doing so again this year. Old friends and new are coming from all around the world. It's going to be great. 2012 another great year. So here is a memory of our performance then. 2013 looks like it will be another great one with Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki headlining two show nights and also teaching. Saki Kamijoo will also be performing and teaching. We're hoping to produce another great memory in 2013 so stay tuned for video and images after the festival.

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London festival of the art of Japanese bondage (6)(Monday)

OK so my memory is far from perfect so right here I'm going to apologise to anyone that I've left out by accident in any of my blogs. The published schedule is by now nothing but a vague guide as is my own recollection. It's been DAYS since the actual event and some things loom larger in the memory than others. Combined with the fact that I know for certain I missed some early shows. I've only written about stuff I actually remember seeing. So if I didn't see your show... I will not have written about it and that not writing about it does not comment upon the quality of your performance*. After a late start, followed by lunch and interviews we eventually turned up to the venue slightly late just in time to catch the end of Gradancer and Cherrydoll's performance. This was very different to a lot of the shows and even finished off with cigar play. I wish I could write more about it but sadly I didn't see it all. Peter Slemrian and Adreena followed. Next was Riccardo Wildties and Redsabbath. I had a personal reason for being happy to see this performance, for me it was one of the highlights of the festival. Finally there was Kazami Ranki and Gestalta. This was a very intense show. It may have not started out showing what it would become but the ending on the floor where Gestalta was completely choked out was an intense moment for the festivals performances to end on. Finally This festival has been the very best that I've attended. The attitudes of everyone attending has been the best, the most community minded, the most happy, the greatest camaraderie and the most supportive. Clover expressed [...]

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London festival of the art of Japanese bondage (4)(Saturday)

After the excitement of performing on the Friday night we were ready to just enjoy watching the shows on Saturday. One of the great things about the festival is that you see so many different performers and styles and Saturday saw some of the greatest contrasts. Special mentions must go to Jack the Whipper and Zahara who not only did a great show but showed great humour and maturity dealing with things not going perfectly smoothly. Rabbitbunny and Cherry Doll stepped in at very short notice to perform and deserve credit for getting on stage without a prepared show or knowing each other more than a day. Also Amy Morgan and Scarlot Rose who also had only met the day previously but nevertheless put on a very well put together show. This year was the first that we saw riggers from Russia at the festival. One of the most individual was Vlada and Falco. They were very distinct and had a style very different to the other performers. Falco is a quite remarkable performer and male model, he certainly showed strength skill and grace that was quite unusual. Finally on was Zamile and LX who provided yet another contrast by beginning their act with dance and burlesque striptease. Apparently LX hasn't danced in years. Well it didn't show and the audience really got into it. They really had fun together and their spirit of enjoyment infected the audience and rounded of the night very well finishing on a very positive mood.  

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London festival of the art of Japanese bondage (2)

OK so the cases are nearly packed, the show music is nearly ready, we even have a bit of an idea what might be in the show itself. We've got thankfully minimal teaching to do and a good chance of socialising this year. So if you want to buy us dinner.... ;) I'm kind of wondering how this years festival will go, as it will be very different to last year. I hope just as good but different. Looking forward to this one stirs up memories from the last one too. The video below features some of the artists from last years festival. London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage from Hellan Judd. Anyway our list of 'one or two' things to do in the morning before we set out has grown considerably... If you're going, we'll see you there soon, come and say hello.

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To the left or to the right starting TakateKote shibari

So which way should you start? This has come up a few times in recent times and for me it's a bit of a puzzle as to why it does. Akechi Deneki started to the left, so does Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) and so do I. Akechi Deneki was left handed which will be a contributing factor, Osada Steve learned from Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and I learned from Osada Steve. (Just as a side note I used to start to the right until I had a lesson from Osada Steve). Kinoko Hajime (一鬼のこ) starts to the right and is right handed. So the first question becomes, does is the preference the result of chance, the handedness of the person teaching? Did they consider this question and decide on some other criteria? Personally I am not in any position to speak about any of these masters motivations and sadly the person who's opinion is probably most relevant to this question Akechi Denki  has passed away. So that being the case, what is this post about? I've thought about this a few times but not really in huge depth. I started to the right when I began tying because that felt natural. I changed to the left because Steve taught it that way. At first it felt strange but soon it became very natural. I don't notice any more unless I'm thinking specifically about it. The reason this resurfaced for me particularly was that recently I had the opportunity to learn from Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹). On that day I had to again start to the right. For me it brought up interesting questions about physical physical habits and comfort. Questions that, if you will forgive the expression... make you think about what you [...]

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