The purpose of great bondage is not to take a photo of it, but to take the person being tied on a journey.

Today I read this post on Facebook by Mark De Viate The purpose of great bondage is not to take a photo of it, but to take the person being tied on a journey. I think we too often loose sight. A great photo by a great photographer is just that. A great bondage scene is judged best by the participants. Happy bindings. If you're familiar with my writings you will know that it's a view I very much agree with. It's always however well worth repeating the point. I love doing shows, and pictures, they're great to do and a different type of experience. They are though things that we do because we do bondage anyway and the reason that we do bondage is about what it does for us personally. It's sometimes easy for people to miss this because what people see of what we do is naturally enough the images and the shows. They're going to have to be very lucky to see what we do on a personal level (though some have).

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Is it art or pornography?

Rope bondage. Is it Art or Pornography? Yes. In all endeavours we should I believe aspire to the highest level. So can this be art, absolutely. Is my work art? I will leave that judgement to the spectator. I would not be so arrogant as to proclaim my work as art nor myself an artist. The fact of the erotic or even the pornographic does not preclude beauty. It is just as much a part of our humanity as our aesthetic tastes. Personally I think the brevity of the form makes it more beautiful not less. The image or the video can only capture the appearance of the moment, people can see the expressions and the movement of the moment but cannot feel it, they can empathise and imagine but they cannot be in that moment. If you like it's a creation of not just aesthetics but of emotion experienced within the moment. Not an installation. Beautiful and brief. If I may permit myself a cliché.... like the cherry blossom the beauty is all the more vivid and precious for its brevity.

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Further restrained elegance (Shibari met DID and they had a good time)

Pictures from the shoot with restrained elegance are now online on their site. Please visit Restrained Elegance and see for yourselves. Please bear in mind that I didn't do all the bondage on this page and proper credit is due to all the riggers that worked on these images. Having said that I hope mine are reasonably easy to identify. (Hint: there are clues in the text) This was a real pleasure and I think you can see why Ariel Anderssen is such a great person to work with.

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Restrained Elegance

I had the pleasure recently of working for a rather different type of bondage site, Restrained Elegance we were shooting for two days at their studio. I have to say that they were great to work for and spending two days tying up a model like Ariel Anderssen wasn't any kind of a hardship and sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Do I really get paid to do this?", the answer is yes, yes I do! I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this shoot. I think some images will make it into their free section so I'll post a link when they're published. I don't think people realise how hard a bondage model can work sometimes. Ariel was tied many times over the two days in various positions including some suspensions and had some considerable rope marks by the end of it. She really is a superb model to work with and I sincerely recommend that serious photographers take a look at hiring this superb professional. One think I want to mention is the tremendous hospitality shown to me on this shoot. The whole experience of working with them was a pleasure. I suppose I could recount all the ties but my description wouldn't do justice to the model or the photography so you would be better served to check out the images when they're published.

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