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Shibari bondage intensive and The Aesthetics of Emotion at Anatomie Studio in London 2018

Thanks to Anatomie studio for having us. Thanks to everyone who came to these three days of rope education in London. We loved being with you and look forward to coming again.

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Bondage Expo Dallas 2018

We’ve been involved with BED right from the very beginning and have been a part of it every year since. We count the BED organisers as friends and their hospitality has lead to us having the feeling of coming home when we head to BED. I know I say that every year but we feel that every year. If there’s one thing I’d change I’d like to have more time to hang out after the event than we had this year. Sadly vacation time is limited and we had to leave the day after the event. Much tears and sad goodbyes.

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Tokyo and Kyoto 2018

It was wonderful to be back in Tokyo again. We’ve been to Japan a few times and really enjoy it. We were excited but relaxed as we made our way from Narita airport to our accommodation. We like using AirBnB rather than hotels so we can have a private space where we can leave our stuff and relax. Also we buy our own food and eat out a lot more allowing us to experience more of Japan.

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Tattooed Art

We have had some amazing compliments in our time but there is something amazing beyond normal description about learning someone has had your work tattooed on their bodies. We have been told by some that a particular image represents what they love about bondage to them. I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to hear something like that. In recognition of this we have decided to show our appreciation to everyone who has our bondage work tattooed on them by giving them a free print of the image they had tattooed.

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Tokyo Shibari Osada Steve, Otonawa, Kinoko & Naka Akira, Iroha Shizuki, Shigonawa Bingo, Yoi Yoshida March 2016

Tokyo Japan in March 2016. The weather find, the cherry [...]

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