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Playing with others (Fact and Fiction)

WARNING: This is going to be a bit of a personal ramble which may or may not prove useful to others! Now I want to say right at the beginning before anyone goes off the deep end that there are probably lots of people we'd really like to play and would have a great time with, it's just that we either don't know who they are, don't know them well enough, or just don't know them in that way. So to date there have been 3 people in the whole world that we've played with since we've been together, maybe 3 that we're open to the idea of playing with and a few scattered souls that we might become open to playing with if we get to know them in the right way. The people we do play with know who they are, the people we're open to the idea of playing with might not. As for people who'd like to play with us? Not a clue. The only reason that this comes up at all in a post is that recently a lot of people have said (not to us but to other people) that we don't play with anyone else. Generally we wouldn't care about this excepting when someone who does not know us or how we feel about playing with others, categorically tells someone interested in us that we never play with others. As you can imagine the wide spread impression being generated is a bit of an inconvenience. OK so we don't play randomly and so help us, we like to know people somewhat first. Not an issue I think and not anyone's business but ours and the people we play [...]

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In celebration

This has been a sad year for Kinbaku as one of it's greatest Grand Master Nureki Chimuo has passed away. Now Yukimura Haruki, Randa Mai and Osada Steve have all been or remain unwell. Rather than take this as a further sadness and mourning if they pass. Let us celebrate that they are as yet with us and the work that they have done. Sometimes we let these moments pass and only mourn what is gone. If you appreciate their work, contribution and teaching then this is a moment to let them know. I wish very much that these gentlemen will have a full and speedy recovery and remain with us and active for many more years. If not though I would hate to think that this moment was allowed to slip by and I did not say to them what I wished while it was still possible to do so. If these people have meant something to you and their work and contribution have given something then you may wish to consider a short messages of good will and appreciation. Dave.

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Recommendations are a difficult and weighty thing. They are loaded with responsibility. Unfortunately it is often the case that recommendations are made based on what turns out to be a limited experience of a person. This is especially unfortunate when the things you have not seen are what you might describe as bad things. Bad things like ego driven dangerous behaviour, like a failure to care about and check in on someone who has been injured. You have a feeling of guilt if a person that you recommended turns out not to have lived up to the trust you placed in them. If they let down the person they have been recommended to, who may never have even met them otherwise, it is not something you can take lightly. When the person hurt is someone you are emotionally attached to, a close friend or play partner for instance, this feeling intensifies. It makes you mistrust your judgement of people. It makes you angry at them for failing to live up to what you might think are reasonable expectations of judgement, skill, trust, responsibility and care. Due to a recent experience which has left deep feelings of disgust toward the behaviour of one individual mistakenly trusted. It's hard to imagine any recommendations being made in the future.

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London Festival 2013 performance

This was a special performance for us. We were going to do something that people hadn't seen before. Nothing world shaking but we weren't going to use a TK/Gote of the conventional kind. We were going to do something that we could only do because Clover could manage it. We probably could not have done it a year ago. We were going to do something we very much wanted to do together. We were going to be together on stage just doing what we love to do. We've come a long way together. This was a special time for us for a number of reasons, some of those I'll blog about later. The show was though something we were very much looking forward to. Also it was quite exciting to have a secret about what we were going to do. I'd like to think that people didn't see this one coming. Then again the show wasn't about one thing. I imagined when I sat down to write this that there would be quite an article here. In the end though it boils down to just one thing. We just wanted it to be beautiful.   You can see the video here   Photos by Anonymous

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The manufacture of stupid

During the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage this year I had one of those 'really' moments when I was told about something doing the rounds in America at the moment. Well, if it's true it's a new level of stupid when it comes to spreading information regarding bondage. A couple of years ago we did a show in Chicago at an event there. In that show there was a single ankle suspension. This suspension resulted in absolutely no injury, the techniques used were ones that originated with Asagi Ageha regarding rope and knot placement. So far as I'm aware nobody has sustained a nerve injury from the way this suspension is tied. Why do I mention nerve injury in regard to this suspension that didn't cause one? Well because I was told during the London Festival this year that the way I did that suspension is being advised against because of the injury Clover sustained during that show! If you just went 'hu?' then you should have. They are advising against that suspension because of an injury she didn't have. Now Clover has had a nerve injury in her foot and it was from an ankle suspension. It wasn't from that suspension, it wasn't tied in that way, didn't have that placement and it wasn't in that show, it wasn't even on that day. Hell, it wasn't in any show. It happened when we were trying a new transition, and it was, according to everyone we've been able to talk to about it not even the fault of that suspension tie. The doctors and surgeons we've talked to to get to the bottom of why it happened have called it a 'fluke [...]

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The bound before the LFAJRB 2013

It's hard to know where to begin writing about this years festival. So much happened and we had such a good time with friends old and new. For us the festival began behind the scenes a few months before the date but... the festival for real began on the night of Bound. We had nothing planned, no show prepared, some music we had used last year and a brief chat on the way down about what the hell we were going to do. During the drive down Clover browsing the web on her phone noticed that Bound was due to  be streamed live that night, so no pressure right? When we finally made it through London to The Flying Dutchman we found that there was a film crew from National Geographic who were going to film the nights performances. So again no pressure right? I have to say though that in the end we had an absolutely killer time that night and the rope just flowed. Frankly we just went up and played and had fun. I don't know when I've been more relaxed during a show. It was also great to see so many friends from around the world in that crowded pub. Including in one corner Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki. Hell of a first night to our festival experience this year. Here are a few pictures though I don't know if anything can capture that hot atmosphere. More pictures in the portfolio here.   p.s. Oh and Naka Akira asked if he could keep one of my black candles!

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